One of the valued members of our team is Peanut. A little black cat that turned up at our back door one day looking very thin and forlorn. We took him in and now he’s in charge – well in his own mind at least.

He specialism is sleeping. That deep profound type of sleep, that has you yawning just looking at him. Oh, and finding unusual and annoying places to sleep – like our computer keyboards. Beyond that his favourite activity is eating. He’s a jelly monster – anything in jelly is consumed within seconds with much postprandial lip smacking. He also does a mean set of stretches that puts our own Yoga efforts to shame.

And being a black cat, he has special powers – he manages to cast a spell over everyone he meets – within moments they find themselves cooing over him and guess what – giving him Cheesy Whatsit treats to eat.

That’s one marketing savvy pussy cat.

And when it all gets a bit frantic meeting deadlines – just looking at Peanut and imbibing his Zen-like qualities makes it all worthwhile.

When the going gets tough – get a cat.