The Internet has made it easier to do business online – for everyone – that includes your competitors!

Imagine if – in the real world, (i.e. not online), a business owner could put up a barrier outside his competitor’s shop or office and redirect people into his own premises. That would be great, yes?

Well, that’s exactly what happens when you get your online marketing right. You literally take away the traffic, (website visitors), that they would otherwise have received.

There’s a problem though – they can do it as well, to you!

In reality, it all boils down to market share – you will probably never achieve 100% of the availabl business so we won’t waste time trying, but there is a percntage, a realistic target, that you can aim for – that’s where we can help.

Here’s our strategy for your online business

First – We Analyse

We carry out a full Market Positioning & Competitor Analysis for your online business. With this process we can identify where your business sits in the website rankings of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many more search engines.

When people carry out a search for a particular word or phrase – whose websites do they see?

Is your website one of them, is it at, or near, the top of the first page?

Or, as is often the case, are you nowhere to be seen?

Second – We Research

When we know what, or who, we are up against we can start to do something about it. There’s a reason why other websites are featuring above your in the search results and this is where we identify why that is happening – and put together a strategy to overcome it.

Our research will tell us which words and phrases you are doing well for, and those which you are not. We can identify which searches highlight your competitor and change that so that you are highlighted in the search results, instrad of them.

Third – We Strategise

Armed with all of the knowledge we have accumulated above, our campaign strategists put together a detailed plan of action to enable you to capture your share of the available online traffic – traffic that will translate into business for you.

Your Magic Mountain Digital Marketing Plan will include:

  • A well-researched list of words and phrases that you should be optimised for
  • Practical, actionable steps that you can take to appear higher in the Search Engine Results Pages, (serps), for those phrases.
  • Details of your competitor’s online advertising, including the text of their PPC ads if they use them and the keywrds they use to make sure people find them.
  • Suggested Ads and keywords for your own PPC campaign, if appropriate.