To succeed online you must be visible.

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 If you want an overview of everything you can do to improve your online visibility, here’s a map of the territory.

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Very few people are visiting my website

This is the number one problem that most small businesses face. Put another way it’s about online VISIBILITY. There are lots of strategies you can pursue to fix this including understanding what your competitors are doing, ensuring you use the words your potential customers actually search for when looking for your type of product or service, and using paid-for advertising. We can explain all your options and help you get the mix right for what you want to achieve.

People are visiting my site - but they just aren't buying

This is the key to it all. How do you get people to buy from you? As you’d expect there are no quick fixes. For one thing you’ve got to have a product or service that people want to buy. They also have to trust you. These are age-old marketing problems that don’t go away just because you’re selling from a website. However, you can do a great deal to make it as easy as possible for people to buy. We understand the psychology of selling and can help you apply this to your online business.

I've got a large competitor with a HUGE marketing budget I just can't match

Fortunately the Internet is a great leveller. With a bit of savvy you can compete head-on with the big guys and win. This involves ‘niche-ing’ your produce and service and only competing for the customers you can win. What does this mean? Understanding what your potential customers actually type into the search engines and then doing an in-depth analysis on what your competitor is doing and finding the gaps. There is usually a ‘space’ for you to compete in. We will help you find it.

I'm busy running a business - I just don't have time to do all this stuff

Well, we’re pitching for your business so we’re bound to say ‘let us do it for you’. But that’s not really the whole answer. The world is turning digital and businesses that don’t keep up with that will find it increasing difficult to compete. You owe it to yourself and your business to try and understand the basics and then make some informed decisions. One way is to hire a member of staff – and we’d certainly advise you do that if you can afford it. On the other hand if you can’t then people like us can help. We take pride in not just doing the work but also on educating you on the things, as a business owner, you need to know. We do a superb monthly report where we not only give you the analytics and stats – but also tell you what they mean and advise on what you should do next. We’re here to help you. Genuinely.

I've heard about 'Content Marketing' - what's that all about?

The thing that the internet thrives and prospers on is content. Well written, timely and relevant content which is designed to enthrall, engage and educate readers. And, as disappointing as this is, a pitch for your products and services just doesn’t count. Content marketing recognises that you have to compete for people’s attention by giving them something truly valuable for free. This means giving your best stuff away so people know what you’re about and can start to trust you.  This is absolutely essential if you are going to succeed online and avoid putting people off with a ‘hard sell’. We often hear of people not wanting to do email marketing because they’re scared of being seen as a spammer. Taking the content approach builds the relationship with your potential customer first, before asking them to buy. Really it’s a question of common sense, people are much more comfortable buying from people who they feel a connection with, and they will feel connected if you’ve given them something really valuable. Good content is also loved by Google – so there you go, make friends with prospects AND get brownie points from Google. So why wouldn’t you?

I'm worried negative online reviews and comments are affecting my business

The cliche is you can’t please all of the people all of the time. And it’s true. Human beings are judgmental and critical sometimes and it often comes as a shock when they criticize you. Negativity can range from a slightly less than glowing review on TripAdvisor to a vitriolic campaign waged on Facebook by someone who just doesn’t like you. Reputation management is something we are expert in. Start getting some sleep again by letting us help you manage your trolls.

I'm not showing up on the first page of Google

Ah. The seeming Holy Grail of digital marketing. Well – the good news is that being at the top of the search engines is not the be-all-and-end-all (although it does help of course). There are various ways we can help you get visibility on Page One including paid-for advertising. There are also other ways of reaching your customers including a well thought out email marketing  and social media campaign – with not a search engine in sight.

My marketing budget is very small - how do I make the most of it?

Well first – congratulations! You’ve got a marketing budget and you know what it is! Things can get tricky when a small business sets off on the digital marketing journey only to find that they run out of money before they achieve any results. Knowing what you are prepared to spend up front is an essential starting point and we insist on it – no matter how humble your budget is we can usually help you do something useful. We can give you advice on what you should focus your attention on to get results. We will also give you a checklist and point you in the direction of training and education materials so you can get started.

Do I need to be on Facebook?

The answer is probably yes – but Facebook may not be the right place for you. Social Media presence is essential, but choose your platform wisely. For some products and services putting energy into Facebook may not be that effective. LinkedIn or Pinterest could provide better returns on your time. It’s also possible to advertise on these platforms and we will advise on what we think will work best for you.

How do I measure the success of my online marketing activities?

Well the bottom line is literally that – money from sales – but there are things to monitor and tweak along the way. There’s a myriad of tools to help you – Google Analytics being the simplest and most used. Yet most people, even if they know it exists, get overawed by the range of numbers and stats that Google provides. And they certainly don’t know what they mean or what changes they need to make because of them. Analytics are one of our favourite things (along with whiskers on kittens). We don’t just use Google’s either. We have a range of sophisticated tools that can track virtually anything including social media activities and what your market as a whole is up to. We produce a monthly report with all the most relevant numbers in for you – and what’s more we will tell you what they mean and most importantly what you need to do about it.

We do the numbers for you!

Find out what makes your visitors stay

and leave…


We advise on offering your visitors the best possible experience on your site. We also make sure you don’t spend a penny more than necessary on campaigns.

How do we do this? With in-depth analysis and number crunching using the very best tools available on the market – think Google Analytics on steroids. You have access to your own personalised dashboard taking the numbers from a range of sources. And we explain what it all means.

The full service also includes a monthly analysis on ‘what to do next’ based on your figures.

Keeping on top of it all has never been easier.

Do you know what the numbers mean? And more importantly what to do about them in YOUR business?


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What’s in the Toolkit?


Competitor Analysis

We do in depth competitor analysis using the latest online tools. Find out what’s really going on so you can position yourself to attract the very best customers first. We will also help you devise a strategy that can help you punch above your weight – particularly if you are up against much bigger (and richer) competitors.

Pay Per Click Ads

Ensure you get to the top of the listings every time through advertising. Despite what you may think, evidence shows that this is THE best way to attract traffic to your site. We will also advise you on how to spend your money wisely – it’s all too easy to rack up a large AdWords bill without getting the sales you need. We will monitor what is going on and make sure you adjust your campaigns so you get the best possible results from your spend.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We research the keywords that your potential customers actually use to find your type of product or service. We make sure that your content contains the optimum keywords and phrases. This gives your best chance of appearing naturally at the top of the search engine rankings.

Email Marketing

Email is still the best way to develop and maintain a relationship with your customers. We advise you on the best way to build your mailing list and design your marketing campaigns. We also automate your email marketing so it happens effortlessly – saving you lots of time and effort.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has replaced word-of-mouth as the best source of potential customers. We help you build your ‘social profile’ so your presence attracts the types of customers you want. We also help you develop and organise blog posts and tweets so that it doesn’t take up too much of your time.


Content Marketing

Content is King and is essential for visibility. It has to be high quality and this means providing information about things your customers actually want to know about. The web is awash with ‘stuff’ and we’re now all competing for people’s attention – so it needs to be really really good. We take the slog out of it for you.