Magic Mountain Case Study

The Challenge

This broking firm is the market-leader in its’ sector. They suddenly found that their market-share was being encroached by newcomers who were digital marketing ‘savvy’. These new competitors were leveraging this expertise to gain rapid visibility and to ‘steal’ clicks and potential clients.

They came to Magic Mountain asking if we could help them get back to the top of the rankings.

The Solution

In-depth competitor analysis enabled us to discover what their competitors were doing that they weren’t. Armed with this knowledge we came up with a range of strategies that put our clients back on top of the listings and also increased their conversion rates to an enviable 26%.

Taking digital marketing to the next level

Effective strategies to beat the competition

Regular reviews to stay on top


Pay-per-Click Advertising


Website Optimisation


Content Marketing

Amazing Result

Conversion rates up to 26% using re-marketing

AdWords Campaigns

Their ads are shown 96% of the time and almost 100% at the top of page. We have ensured they are only using the most relevant keywords – ensuring the people arriving on their site really are looking for what they have to offer. This also makes the very best use of a limited ‘pay-per-click’ budget.

Website Optimisation

We have fully optimised their website and have improved their search engine ranking for 22 keywords since January 2015.

Content Marketing

We do  blogging and article writing that has significantly improved their social media engagement.
  • Outranking the competition % of the time 99% 99%
  • Increase in Trustflow 50% 50%
  • Increase in Domain Authority 50% 50%
  • Increase in Citation Score 25% 25%
  • Increase in Klout Score 16% 16%

The Results Are Amazing

Our clients ads are now shown 96% of the time – almost 100% are top of the page. This means they outrank the competition 99.8% of the time!

Over the last six months new metrics have become vital to ranking in Google search results. These include: Trustflow, Domain Authority, Citation Score and Klout Score. We’ve made sure our clients have seen major improvements for all these metrics to help them maintain their peak position.