Magic Mountain Case Study

The Challenge

This Specialist Recruitment Agency wanted to attract more employers than candidates. The challenge was that online recruitment is a highly competitive arena and our clients did not have a large marketing budget to compete with the big guys.


The Solution

We were able to get them ranking on the first page for  a range of highly competitive phrases like ‘Sales Recruitment Agencies’  and ‘Sales Recruitment Consultants’ –  words they thought they would never be able to rank for.

This was achieved by a Content Marketing strategy including the careful placement of links with other relevant sites.  We also did behind-the-scenes adjustments to their website that counteracted poor search engine optimisation work that had been done in the past. Together with a highly targeted pay-per-click ad campaign, it did the trick.

Well thought-out content marketing

Website 'remediation'

Ranking for competitive phrases on page one


Content Marketing


Website Optimisation


Pay-Per-Click Ads

Amazing Result

Ranking for 47 keywords on page one – up from 5


Content Marketing

We developed a content strategy including a regular blog-posting schedule. We wrote each blog targeted to a particular keyword and ensured there was a minimum of one blog post per week for six months across a variety of platforms including Google+.

Website Optimisation

We spent some time correcting badly formatted pages and sorting out their links – some of which were broken and others which had been placed in the ‘bad old days’ when it was thought junk links could boost search engine rankings. We built good links in a Google-friendly way with other relevant sites.


Pay-Per-Click Advertising

We focused their paid-for advertising campaign on relevant keywords, making sure that people who visited their site were exactly the kind of visitor they wanted i.e. employers.

  • Increase in Keywords ranked for Off the scale at - 500% Off the scale at - 500%
  • Increase in Trustflow 40% 40%
  • Increase in Domain Authority 35% 35%
  • Increase in Citation Score 30% 30%
  • Increase in Klout Score 11% 11%

The Results Are Amazing

Going from ranking for 5 keywords on the first page to 47 in just six months for such a competitive industry is a real achievement! Not just that, but ranking for highly competitive phrases meant our clients were able to compete with huge household name brands with a fraction of the marketing budget.

Over the last six months new metrics have become vital to ranking in Google search results. These include: Trustflow, Domain Authority, Citation Score and Klout Score. We’ve made sure our clients have seen major improvements for all these metrics to help them maintain their peak position.