Why “Done For You” Marketing Services?

The process of researching, designing and implementing a Digital Marketing Strategy can be a time-consuming process and, if you get it wrong, it can be costly too. We are well-aware that many business owners or their staff simply do not have the spare time needed to put everything into practice themselves.

How Would You Like A Marketing Funnel That’s Easy To Buy, Easy To Run & Easy To See Results?

We’ve packaged everything up into one easy-to-afford process that covers everything you’ll need – from keyword research, writing ad and email copy through to designing and implementing a full-blown marketing funnel.

Here’s How It Works

Step 1 – Research

We’ll take a long hard look at your business, your website, your competition and your sales proposition

Step 2 – Set The Objectives

Together we can agree as to what you want to achieve with your Marketing Machine, how many leads you need, conversion ratios, revenue per lead, and so on

Step 3 – Design & Build The Machine – Your Machine!

Using the revolutionary funnel technology pioneered by Ryan Deiss in the USA and used daily to sell $millions of product and services by hundreds of businesses worldwide, we design and build the machine that will put your marketing efforts into a new era.

Step 4 – Hit the Start Button and Watch The Magic Happen

The Magic Mountain Magic starts to bring new prospects into your sales funnel, it nurtures and develops them until the take the plunge and become a customer. That’s just the start though – your Marketing Funnel will automatically target everyone on your list at carefully planned intervals to ensure that you convert many more and keep them buying from you, for years to come.

You are just a simple step away from making a lot of this happen – call for the free consultation now!