Full Competitive Landscape:


The Visibility Matrix (£249)

Full Competitive Landscape:

The Visibility Matrix (£249)

This is the “battle-plan” that most online businesses need if they are to be major players online in their chosen marketplace.

Website Visibility
The first step is to establish just how visible the client’s website is at the start of the campaign. We establish how many search terms are currently causing their website to be seen in Google’s results pages. Then we compare this to the results of a group of competitors that we call the “benchmark group”. Our research will highlight which of those competitors is appearing for a larger number of searches, and why.

We build an in-depth profile of each of the competitors, finding out which search phrases are producing business for them and therefore should be targeted by the client for use in their own content marketing, social media and paid ad campaigns, as appropriate.

We also carry out a full, in-depth, site audit in order to ensure that everything on the site is optimised and working correctly and that all major search engines are finding the site and indexing it properly and fully.

We look at he competitors marketing tactics, including finding out whether they use paid advertising and, if they do, trying to establish their budget and spend levels. We then produce a report listing all of the competitors ads and advise the client of which ads are working and which are not.

We will build a very detailed analysis of the market in which the client operates, identifying the major players in that online market and their tactics for gaining online traffic and enquiries.

We examine the keyword profiles being used for natural search, paid search, content marketing and social media activities. Then we examine their ad campaigns, if any, and calculate the levels of traffic that are being attracted by each competitor, and how.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media now plays a major part in the digital marketing strategy of most businesses that are successful online. It is no longer enough to post to Facebook every now and again – the strategy needs to be coordinated across all of the relevant social media platforms and regularly monitored to make sure that a positive “buzz” is being generated.

The visibility Matrix includes detailed analysis of the client’s social media presence and that of their competitors. It is often possible to take advantage of a general low uptake of social media marketing by many businesses.

The Visibility Matrix Scorecard
The Visibility Matrix is based on a detailed “scorecard” which compares the client’s results against those of the competitive Benchmark group. The scorecard records the metrics from  a large number of tests and audits and provides the most comprehensive analysis ever about where a business sits amongst its online competitors.
The number of website visitors, length of time spent onsite, “bounce rate” and other important insights are provided, helping to identify which competitors are most likely to take business from the client.

When all of this is complete we complete the Visibility Matrix for the client. This then enables us to present a digital marketing strategy which is designed to gain maximum visibility in their marketing “landscape.” We effectively produce a blueprint of what needs to be done, in order of priority, in order to gain prominence in any online market.

The blueprint is a detailed, step-by-step guide to building and running an effective digital marketing strategy for the client’s business. We provide checklists, worksheets, practical guides and a detailed blueprint for how we suggest the business should run its digital marketing activities. Client’s have access to our team of knowledgable people who can advise and assist with the implementation of this powerful plan.

Taking the client’s objectives and expectations fully into account we provide a simple to follow schedule for such things as:

  • Setting up the website and optimising its content to ensure it is listed in search engine results
  • Establishing whether it is necessary or desirable to use paid search, in what proportion and on which platforms.
  • Setting up email marketing and writing email copy
  • Setting up the content marketing procedures for the site
  • Connecting all of the above together to form an overall campaign that results in increased traffic and conversions for the site.

Doing all this research normally would take several days but “The Visibility Matrix” enables us to streamline the process and makes this kind of battleground strategy available to even the smallest business. It is a “weapon of mass conversion” and is recommended for all businesses, irrespective of size and type.

The price of the Visibility Matrix is £249 and includes email support and advice for 30 days after which an optional retainer support plan may be purchased if required.