It’s A Big World and Sometimes it’s Difficult to Get noticed!


On Being Visible

In a world which is becoming increasingly full of Internet websites, just like yours, how can you be sure that it is your website that people see when they are searching for products or services that you sell or supply?

Just pause for a moment and ask yourself these questions:

1. How Good is Your Content?

Do search engines think that your website is likely to satisfy the needs of those people who are searching for whatever it is that your content is all about?

If they do – they are likely to show your site in a prominent position in the search results

If they don’t – you’ll be down in the depths of page 2 and beyond, unlikely to get seen or clicked on.

2. What % of the Overall Traffic Out There is Your Website Getting, and Why?

It is important to know which websites are being visited by people searching for products and services that you supply – where do you stand compared to your competitors?

3. Who Are Your competitors Online?

You probably think you know who your competitors are – in the “real” world, but in the virtual world of the Internet most people are completely wrong when it comes to knowing who they are competing with for that all-important website traffic.

The main reason for this is “search phrase overlap” – words and phrases that apply to many different websites in different ways. People searching for your product or service could be hijacked, deliberately or otherwise, by other websites for whom the phrase is also relevant, or partially relevant.

Find out how to get your online and offline competitors under control and take back the traffic, and the business that is rightfully yours.

4. Are You Providing a Great Visitor Experience?

Just how sure are you that the text, images and videos that are on your website are interesting and engaging enough?

Search engines are clever enough to know whether you are providing real value to those who make the journey to your site and if they think that you are not, you will find your site becoming less and less visible in search results.

As the days go by, that valuable traffic that is vital to your online visibility will disappear, along with your business.

Learn how to find out exactly what Google thinks of your website and how to do something about it if what you find out isn’t so good.

5. Is Your Website Preaching to the converted?

Do you know how many of your website visitors actually turn into customers? How long do they take, on average, to “sign on the dotted line”?

You might be surprised at the answer – often it takes several visits to your website and days, weeks or even months, before they’re ready to buy so you have to make sure that you don’t lose them along the way to a competitor.