Website Backlink Profile Report £49

Website Backlink Profile Report £49


What is a Website Backlink Profile?

When search engines decide where to put a particular website in their search results listings; on top, further down, or not at all, one of the many factors they consider is the backlink profile of the pages on that site.

Consider the following scenario:

Website A is a very well known website about kite flying, or any other subject you care to name. Thousands of people interested in flying kites goes to that website every day. It is what we would call an “Authority” site.

Website B is a small much newer, website owned by a business that makes bespoke kites.

The owners of Website A become aware of Website B and they like one of their products so much that they want to tell their followers about it. To do this they place a link on their own, authority, website. If one of their thousands of visitors were to click on that link, they would be taken to website B.

This action, by website A, would give website B a huge boost since when Google crawls website B to update its index it will notice that there is a link from a highly ranked website, i.e. website A. If the link were from a less prominent site, it would deliver little or no benefit to website B but as it is from  a major player in the kite flying field, it transfers what is often referred to as “Link Juice” to the page that the link goes to on Website B.

So if there were two or more similar websites to site B, one with the link and the others without, all other things being equal, site B would rank higher than the others in the search engine results pages, (SERPs).

On the other hand, if site B had accumulated a lot of links from low quality sites that are not relevant to kite flying, then this would have no beneficial effect on site B and, in extreme cases, may result in a penalty from Google – called a “Manual Action”.

The Website Backlink Profile report is designed to:

  • Carry out a full audit of all backlinks going to a site
  • Identify which links are good and which are not
  • Identify any “toxic” links
  • Provide all necessary information needed to restore a websites “health” by cleaning up any bad links.

Using the biggest index of backlinks available anywhere on the planet, Majestic, we build this valuable resource for you and will, optionally if required, update it monthly for a small fee.

Any remedial work which may be necessary can also be carried out but this would be quoted on a case-by-case basis depending on the volume, and quality of links.